Facts on The Great Barrier Reef

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Known through out the world as the only naturally built structure that could be seen from the moon, the Great Barrier Reed crosses an enormous distance of over 2,600 km. This natural formation constructed by billions of coral polyps is a UNESCO World Heritage and has enjoyed a number of the world’s accolades as far as marine biodiversity is concerned. It is paramount in research and study of marine organisms in the Pacific area and around the world. Quite frankly, nothing is ever like it. It is a behemoth by itself. It is located Queensland, Australia.

Life in the Great Barrier is nothing short of simple. The principle of survival of the fittest holds true; planktons provide food for the smallest fishes, which are also the feeding frenzy of smaller fishes, which are also the means of survival for the bigger ones and so on and so forth till it reaches to man’s level, the maximum place in the food chain. I wonder if man ever tops the list of the Great White’s food chain, I don’t think so.

The world has received so much attention from both the local Australian authorities as well as from international agencies promoting balance in the natural environment. It is an epitome of natural wealth and treasure which is too valuable to ignore. They do everything they can to preserve and protect the natural occurrences of events in the reef and also to lessen the potentially harmful activities that may disrupt the natural balance. The reef is nature’s gift to men; it’s too precious to just plunder and bangle with.

The reed supports a wide array of marine life. It is not called one of the seven natural wonders of the world for nothing. True, it amazes those who came to visit; most tourist visiting the reef left with an astounding memory of something that is so grand and an adventure that’s too precious and unforgettable.

Tourism from the reef brings in funds for the Australian government over any other marine thing in Australia. Approximately 2 million people would go to the Great Barrier Reef annually which in turn was argued to post threat to the reef. However, tourism in the region largely depends on the actions on the Great Barrier Reef.

Something that is a enormous gift, such as in the form of the Great Barrier Reef should be carefully handled. It should be taken care of and considered fragile. It’s value should be well discerned in order to keep its life and its glorious beauty.

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